ColderBOLDER Registration Opens Fall 2020

When is the race?

It’s on December 5, 2020, snow or shine.

How do the races and qualifying work?

This 5K is a little different, but so are those of us who enjoy running in the cold. It is actually 14 individual races.

The first 13 races are for people who participated in the last BOLDERBoulder or FORTitude. Each individual race puts people together who are about the same speed. Why? So everyone has a shot at winning. For example, if you finished the BOLDERBoulder in 52 minutes you would race against people who finished between 52-54 minutes. It’s your chance at personal glory and eternal fame. You got this.

The 14th and final race is open to everyone, runners, joggers and walkers. We all want to stay fit over the holidays, and we want everyone to be able to participate. So, break out in a cold sweat with us. Let’s pour cold water on those winter blues.

How can I start with friends or family?

We can help you start with your family or friends; the rest of the day is up to you. If you want to be in the same start wave as someone else, register everyone online at the same time. Enter the names of those you want to run with in the appropriate field. Qualifying rules still apply, and everyone in your group will be placed in the slowest person’s wave.

What if I sign up and can't race?

If you can’t run the ColderBOLDER, we will roll your registration over next year’s race for only $20. And, you don’t need an excuse from your mom or a note from your doc.

What if I lose my bib?

No problem. For $10 we can issue you a new bib at the solutions tent on race day or through our race office. To request a new bib, please email us.