Our Commitment

Organizing, presenting and managing the ColderBOLDER is part art and part science. It takes 364 days of dreaming, brainstorming, planning and sweat to stage the best winter road race on the planet. Our passion and commitment is to deliver an amazing experience for all participates, spectators and volunteers. And we aspire to make the experience better, year after year.

From the founding moment of the ColderBOLDER, we have continually striven to find new ways to make this event the best experience for you. Exciting on course entertainment, the invention of the wave starts, the first RFID timing at every mile in a mass participation event, and no hidden service charges.

In 2014 we announced another first, the ColderBOLDER GuaRUNtee. If you can’t run the ColderBOLDER you signed up for, we can roll your registration over to the next year’s event for only $20. And, you won’t need an excuse from your mom or a note from your doc. It’s our way of raising the bar on your experience, again.

And this year, we diverted enough waste to consider the ColderBOLDER a zero waste event. Thanks to everyone who helped make this year a sustainaCOLD 5K!