How Cold Is The ColderBOLDER Contest

This contest is closed. The race day temperature on December 1, 2018 was a high of 46 and low of 23!

We are partnering up with Spyder for a crazy cold contest. We want you to guess what the ColderBOLDER temperature high and low will be on race day, December 1, 2018. One winner from the correct guesses will receive a $250 gift card to the Spyder Ski Club! It could be a sunny 75 degree morning, or a snowy 20 degree morning. Take your best guess at what will say it is on December 1.

How To Enter: Fill out the survey on BolderBOULDER’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and submit with your guess of the temperature  high and low on the day of the 2018 ColderBOLDER on Dec. 1, 2018. In the event of a tie where the same temperatures are guessed by multiple contestants the winner will be the contestant who submitted their guess first. There is no entry fee to the contest and no purchase or obligation necessary to play or win. The deadline to enter is November 21, 2018.