12 Days of Colder BOLDER

No Meltdowns


FAQs for the 12 Days of ColderBOLDER – A Virtual Challenge

If you have already completed and submitted your 12 activities – CONGRATS. We will mail COLD MEDALS daily through Thursday December 24, 2020. If there are late submissions the COLD MEDAL will be sent out Monday, January 4, 2021.


How to track and submit your 12 activities

For the 12 Days of ColderBOLDER we are not requiring any specific app to track those activities. They will be on your honor, and you can submit your activity to our website after you complete each one so that you can claim your reward.

Once you get your Kick-Off email on November 30, it will have instructions on how to submit your first activity. 

Click the button in the email to submit your first activity

When you are done entering all your information, you will get an email with the first of your digital gifts!

In that follow-up email, there will be a button to submit your 2nd activity.

After completing each activity, you will be prompted to enter your next activity, which opens and unlocks another surprise offering.

So like an advent calendar (no peeking) follow the email prompts for each activity until you’ve completed the 12th and the final activity – not only will you get one last prize, but we’ll package up your COLD Medal and send it to you.

What activities count for this challenge?

We want you to be active this holiday season, but we also want you to have some fun and not to stress about it all.

So, here are just a few to consider:

Running, jogging, walking, hiking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, hockey, weightlifting, swimming, bicycling, climbing, shivering, snowball fights.

Basically, do what you love.

We will ask that you do at least one 5K during this time, after all, this IS the ColderBOLDER! You can even submit your time for the results page!

And yes, all 12 activities can be a run!! 

When do I get my ColderBOLDER goodies?

Gift Packet Schedule

Our holiday helpers have finished packing up all the goodies and they are being delivered as you read this!

Packets are ready to be picked up at Boulder Running Company Locations. (Boulder, Cherry Creek, Littleton) Bring your email with the sequence number and remember that all BRC locations ask you to wear a mask when you come in. Don’t forget that you also have a $20 voucher to use when you go in!

If you choose to ship you will receive a tracking number via email from us when it has been shipped.


Each time you submit an activity during the 12 Days of ColderBOLDER – A Virtual Challenge, you will automatically be sent an email with a reward from one of our partners.

How to Get that Cold Medal?

You’ll be receiving a Kick-off email the end of November with all the details. In the meanwhile, here’s what you can expect

  • Challenge will take place December 1 thru December 24.
  • You must complete all 12 activities during that time. You can do 12 in a row, or spread them out as needed.
  • You can do any activity as long as it’s for a minimum of 30 minutes (and Santa isn’t actually watching).
  • One of those activities needs to be a 5K. (Afterall, it IS the ColderBOLDER) You can walk it jog it or run it. Be sure and wear your customized bib and use your Scheels bibSNAPS.
  • Do any other 11 activities for at least 30 minutes. We’re using the honor system… you’ll know if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake!
  • Starting December 1, in your Kick Off email you’ll receive directions on how to submit your activities with us. We’ve made it super simple (3 clicks), and if your activity isn’t listed just check “Other” and add it in.
  • Once your activity is logged you will receive a special offer from one of our 12 days of ColderBOLDER partners.
  • You will receive one offer for each activity you log with us….12 AWESOME OFFERS!
  • After entering all 12 activities, we’ll mail your COLD MEDAL ornament!
What about the BFC Club?
Yes, for 2020, the VIRTUAL BFC (BOLDER, FORTITUDE, and COLDERBOLDER). So, if you ran the VIRTUALL MEMORIAL DAY 10K in May, AND the BOLDiTUDE Labor Day 10K, then you’re eligible.  Complete the ColderBOLDER and not only will you receive the COLD Medal but we will send you and official club certificate to recognize your BFC accomplishment.

Can I do this with friends or family? Yes.

Like all of our events, whether in person or virtual, doing them with friends and family is always more fun. So challenge them to join you. The more the merrier.

Share your experience with us! Tag your photos and videos with  #COLDERBOLDER #12daysofCOLD!