About the ColderBolder

The ColderBOLDER was created 14 years ago as a part of our racing series and has since become almost like a sister race to the BolderBOULDER. It has become increasingly popular year after year and so much so, that it has sold-out the past three years. Runners are attracted to it because it is approximately six months after the BolderBOULDER and runs during the holiday season when road racing opportunities are sparse. The ColderBOLDER is a fast 5K course that runs through the University of Colorado’s picturesque campus and finishes in the university’s field house where a festive holiday spirit fills the air. Although it’s a smaller race, customers can still expect our high level of customer service and racing experience and I think that’s what makes this race so popular.

The ColderBolder is locally owned and operated. This event has taken on a life that we never quite envisioned, and it rewards us every year beyond measure. We hope you will join us to celebrate fitness, the cold, and this state of ours, Colorado.